User Guide

Trigger Points and Therapeutic Approach  

Trigger Points:
What are trigger points?
  • Knot or lump in the muscle tissue
  • Tight or tender spots in the muscle tissue
    • May exhibit a “stuck” feeling or “catch” within the muscle
    • Soreness or achiness (absent physical trauma)
Why should I be concerned?
  • Trigger points cause pain, stiffness, limit normal function/performance, decrease range of motion, and negatively affect quality of life
  • Can increase risk of injury (poor muscle tissue quality, negatively affect circulation, impair mobility)
  • Can lead to more serious and permanent conditions (chronic pain, poor posture, increased stress, negatively affect sleep)
What causes trigger points?
  • Overuse/overtraining, repetitive stress movements, injury, poor posture/alignment, trauma/scar tissue, poor conditioning, muscle imbalances, stress, anxiety
  • Muscle fibers that form knots or adhesions (stick together)
How are trigger points treated?
  • Through locating (touch) and applying pressure to the site of the trigger point

Therapeutic Approach (using the Knuklball):
  • Position your body against the Knuklball (KB) as it’s placed against the wall or floor within the area of interest (pain)
  • Slowly roll against the KB to specifically locate the problematic area; it should feel tender, painful, tight, or achy
  • Pause motion and increase pressure; compression of the muscle tissue inhibits blood flow to the area (this interrupts the active state of the trigger point)
  • Maintain position and pressure for approximately 30 seconds; you may increase pressure as needed
  • Release pressure to re-establish normal blood flow to the area (release trigger point)
  • Repeat if necessary or move on to another area (should start to feel relief)
*The “knuckles” are designed to target, get into tighter spaces or deeper muscle tissue, and can trap or isolate the area (between knuckles) for more effective relief of trigger points, muscle stiffness, and pain associated with poor muscle quality
**Can also use the smooth round section of the KB to roll against or apply pressure to the affected area