Trigger Point Massage Ball

The most versatile massage tool for effective pain relief!

KNUKLBALL gives you an extra set of knuckles where you need ‘em to provide targeted relief from the pain and stiffness caused by tight muscles and trigger points.

Release tight muscles and trigger points.

Restore blood flow and improve muscle condition.

Recover function and range of motion.

KNUKLBALL: Knuckles Make A Difference!

KNUKLBALL: Focus on the Feet!

KNUKLBALL: A Quick Trigger Point Tutorial

model showing knuklball fits in palm of hand-portable-comfortable

Is the KNUKLBALL for me?

Of course! With its unique design, KNUKLBALL is a powerful solution for targeting and relieving trigger points, muscle stiffness, and pain, making it a must-have for anyone seeking optimal muscle health and effective pain management.

KNUKLBALL provides targeted therapeutic pain relief, is versatile and effective, easy to use, and its compact size allows you to bring it with you!