About Us

How it started.....

KNUKLBALL started after I sustained an injury to my left shoulder. Because of the severity and location of the injury, I was in chronic pain, struggling to get through the day and sleep during the night. Being an athletic trainer complicated the process further, not allowing for proper rest and recovery. I spent a lot of time and money using different mobility tools and soft tissue therapies. I found many of the available tools limited in their effectiveness, and while the therapies helped, I couldn't afford to do them regularly. I was making every attempt to improve and find some relief, but like many others, I felt stuck in a cycle of pain and frustration. I needed something cost effective, truly capable of addressing my needs, and most importantly, available whenever I needed to find relief. 

It wasn't until I made the first KNUKLBALL prototypes and started using them regularly that I finally started to make significant progress. I began to feel noticeable improvements in my muscle tissue quality along with a steady decrease in pain and stiffness. Because of my own injury, I truly feel that I have developed the most effective and versatile mobility tools you will ever experience.

Our mission at KNUKLBALL (Re3 Mobility) is to improve the quality of life for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle. 

We're really excited to offer our first product!